St. Rita School Newsletter: Aug. 30, 2017

Dear SRS Parents,

The start of the school year has been extremely busy and everyone seems to be settling into the various new routines. We still are trying to work out some of the changes to arrival and dismissal procedures. Please be patient at dismissal time especially as teachers are trying to get to know parents and in some cases, grandparents of a whole new class of students. Bus pick-up and drop-off time may change, so once again your patience is appreciated.

We were so fortunate to have Archbishop Blair and Provost for Education, Sr. May Grace visit with us yesterday. Archbishop Blair was very impressed with all the physical changes to our facility and how everyone is working together to unify our school community. Thank you for your continued support to further the mission of Catholic education here at St. Rita School.

Our parent-student handbook is posted on our school webpage. Please read it over and sign-off on both the technology acceptable use policy and the last page indicating that you have reviewed the handbook and also indicate your permission for your child to be photographed. Please go over the dress code to familiarize yourself and your child.

This Friday, we will be attending 1 st Friday Mass. Mass will now begin at 8:45 at St. Rita Church. Please join us if you can as this is the first time the school community will be together with our new Pastor, Fr. Joe.

Thank you for entrusting your child to our care. Have a great week. Enjoy the Labor Day holiday.

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