News & Notes: May 19, 2015

May 19, 2015

Dear Parents,

God’s peace!

This week’s reflection will be brief… mainly because I decided to put priorities first… people instead of the written word. By choosing to be with people rather than writing a reflection today does not negate the importance of the written word, nor does it say that on any other given day the choice would the written word… but today…it’s people.

Much happens at this time of year… there is much to be accomplished…so it’s very easy to choose paperwork (which does need to be done)… or running a number of errands (which will happen)… or sorting through files (which need to be sorted through!) but today… it’s people.

Perhaps instead of reading a longer reflection you might spend some time thinking about what you need to make your priority today… I’m sure you have much to accomplish… but maybe today… it will be a different focus…

Enjoy your week and ALL it holds… perhaps with a different perspective or priority things will happen in a way that will take us from the ordinary or the mundane to the extraordinary and the meaningful.

Be assured of my prayer… thanks for yours!

In prayer,