News & Notes: February 17, 2015

February 17, 2015

Dear Parents,

God’s peace!

Lent has somehow found its way to us yet again… and each time we begin this season we are asked to once again reflect on “where we are.” Some might think this to be quite a challenging venture…to travel “within” to seek out the trails we have made for ourselves this past year… It doesn’t have to be an arduous task, however, … as a matter of fact I find that at the end of this season… I am rather grateful for what has been revealed for I have the opportunity to repent… and to receive God’s mercy.

These past weeks for me have been a rather unwelcomed adventure…but one that has already taught me so very much. One day I found myself sitting in the waiting room at Smilow Cancer hospital when I was suddenly overwhelmed with the prospect before me. I am certainly hopeful…buoyed up by so many prayers… and I know I rest in God’s care… but even the sureness of these graces at times pales in the face of the reality of sitting in that space waiting to find answers to the diagnosis of cancer. It was in the midst of those feelings that I began to look up and around me. Women who were in the midst of challenges far worse than mine sat around me… a young woman held her book of meditations and was breathing deeply…peacefully… another sat with her husband and when the receptionist asked if her husband would join the consultation she responded without hesitation, “Why of course, he is the love of my life”… another woman was dressed as if she were meeting an old friend for lunch… her make up was perfect and her dress bright and spring-like defying both the weather outside as well as the climate that illness can stir… the receptionists could not have been more helpful… and the doctor not only highly skilled but most kind and gentle.

In all things there is good. We just have to look up long enough to see it. I believe it’s important to search our hearts and souls this Lent so that we know who we are… and then we need to look beyond ourselves to recognize that there is so much good beyond us. It’s true that we live in a world filed with strife and pain and terror at times; but we also live in a world of hope, and love and courage.

Perhaps this Lent we can spend five minutes a day rummaging around in our own souls to find what is best about us…and what needs to be better. At the same time we need to look up and around us and find myriad reasons to be grateful… there are so many reasons to be grateful.

During this Lenten season know that I carry each one of you in prayer. I am most grateful for your kindnesses to me these past days… your emails, texts, cards and most of all your assurances of prayer have meant so very much. This Lenten journey for me will, indeed, be and interesting one… but I look forward to looking up and seeing so much good around me.

May you know every grace and blessing throughout this Lenten Season.

In prayer,

Sr. Maureen

P.S. Going home to you is something that may help to make this world a better place… it’s a challenge to each of us to do something for someone else… it doesn’t have to be an enormous venture… just something to make someone else’s day a bit brighter… and to many… that will have an enormous impact. Look for an envelope with your family’s name on it!