News & Notes: February 10, 2015

February 10, 2015

Dear Parents,

God’s peace!

It is often true that we live our lives anticipating that all will work as we have planned, and when the reality that we are not in charge of our lives reveals itself… well… we have no choice but to recognize the reality and respond to the challenge with grace.

Reality has certainly awakened me to life’s challenges these past weeks. A part of me hesitates to share this reality; however, I firmly believe in the power of prayer…and the power of community… and for that reason I entrust it to you.

After a number of tests it has been determined that I have uterine cancer. The current protocol is to have surgery most likely followed by radiation (February 18, 2015…a great way to begin Lent!) More biopsies will be taken during surgery and after that they will determine if I am cancer free or if other protocols are necessary. At this point I trust that God is working with the doctors for the best outcome. I ask that you pray to Clelia (the foundress of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart) and any other saintly friends you might have.

I feel very hopeful… and believe deeply in the power of prayerful presence. I also want to assure you that SRS is certainly in good hands. It always has been as I am only a small part of the vibrant school community. Our faculty and staff are the best around…our School Board is one modeled and admired by many schools…and our Home and School Association board is the most active and dedicated I have known… the reality, then… is that SRS has always been in good hands…

As we anticipate the upcoming months I invite you to attend the auction… plan to enjoy our Middle School musical… and participate in other SRS events that bind us together and help form community. Lent is approaching… and with it an opportunity to stop and reflect on where we have been… even as we anticipate where we are going… Life is all too short to murmur… grumble and complain… we have so much for which to be grateful… perhaps this Lent can focus on that.

I remain grateful to each of you for sharing with us your greatest treasures…your children. They are our delight each day… to witness their growth in so very many ways is a grace and a blessing! I am also grateful to you for your support of “our” school… Building SRS into the great school that it is requires many people looking for the good and finding it… I am always encouraged by the respect our students have… for their kindness to others… for their compassion expressed in so many ways…for their prayerfulness… and for their dedication to academics, co curricular activities, and service to others.

Next week I hope to share with you a way that our school community can reach out to others in small, yet important ways! Stay tuned!

May your week be greatly blessed…

In prayer,
Sr. Maureen