News & Notes: January 28, 2015

January 28, 2015

Dear Parents,

God’s peace!

There is always upheaval in life…or so we say. What if we viewed this “upheaval” as the normal course of events rather than the unusual? It seems that we humans hold an image of how we think life should be, and when something occurs to throw that image out of whack…we at times become overwhelmed rather than trusting that all events…all happenings… are in the hand of God.

I believe our faith calls us to see things as they are… knowing full well that in every event God is present helping us to navigate the ordinary, the extraordinary, the challenging and the routine.

Every experience presents us with a choice. The choice is not to welcome some happenings and reject others, but rather how do I respond to what is before me? When a joyful event occurs, do I simply see it as well deserved, or am I moved to express gratitude? When tragedy happens, do I wonder why it happened to me or do I find ways to share my experience with others in an effort to help support their own disappointments, challenges and heartbreaks ?

The only way we can take this approach is to find time in our days to be still… to quiet our minds and hearts so that we can be open to what enters our lives with balance…with calm…with peace.

So often we jump to blame rather than to seek a solution to what challenges us. If our sense of life was more focused on “be” rather than “do” then perhaps we would have a greater sense of responding to what lies before us rather than reacting to what lies before us.

Someone once said that the measure of a person’s character can be witnessed by how he/she reacts to losing his/her luggage at an airline terminal. We might also measure character by how a person reacts to… being cut off in traffic…getting the wrong meal at a drive through… or being cut in front of at the grocery store… The measure of who we are is not always witnessed in extraordinary moments, but rather by how we respond to simple moments that weave in and out of our daily lives.

Big challenges… little challenges… how well do I respond? Perhaps the best preparation for every day life and what it brings is to step out of the day for awhile and simply be still… and then on my return to the fast lanes of life… I can better maneuver the roads that are new and ever more challenging.

Stillness is not an escape… Stillness is an antidote to frenzy… knee jerk reactions…and blame.

May we recognize the importance of a bit of quiet in our days…and may we have the courage to simply “be still.”

In prayer,
Sr. Maureen