News & Notes: January 13, 2015

January 13, 2015

Dear Parents,

God’s peace!

Often times we “hear” Scripture (or any reading for that matter), but we don’t really listen to it. Scripture is really a vibrant piece of literature that hold’s the heart of God. It is always the same, yet ever-changing… it was written hundreds of years ago, and yet it is new every time it is read…

Today people often rush to self-help books to find definitive answers… and yet Scripture carries with it a wisdom that out lasts the ages. Scripture was not written as a literal source, but rather one whose insights reveal God’s ways laid out before human-kind. Scripture needs to unfold… it needs to be read again and again… and if one seeks God’s way…then somehow Scripture speaks to us. We can’t demand from Scripture a black and white answer, but we can approach Scripture with an open mind and heart asking God to lead us. If life experiences partner with Scripture then our lives are enriched.

In listening to the Scriptures being read at Mass the other day, I heard the story of the Apostles being called by Christ to “follow him.” How often have we heard these words… but thanks to the homily that followed, I was given a different slant on an old story. If you don’t mind, I’d like to explore that a bit here…

Peter and his fellow fishermen were hard at work mending nets, casting the nets out, and dragging their catch in. This work was daily… nothing interfered with this daily ritual. Even the weather had no power to curtail their tasks…it simply challenged how the tasks would be accomplished.

In the midst of this consistent rhythm, Jesus enters. He stands in the center of their lives on the shore which was their workplace and he spoke simply… “Follow me.” Scripture tells us that they left all to follow him. Those that followed him immediately were called apostles… but what of those who didn’t drop all to follow him? Isn’t it possible that they too were moved by the call of Jesus and chose to remain in their own every day lives following Him?

Let’s leave the apostles for a moment and focus on the others… perhaps we might find ourselves more akin to them in the living of their lives.

We each possess our own routines. The challenges may shift, just as the wind does, but we still need to finish the job, provide for our children, plan for the future… These are the basics. I could certainly expand the list, but I feel confident that you could do that yourself! The point is that if we enter into Scripture through this story, we can find ourselves. Jesus doesn’t show up in some distant church…He doesn’t call from a mountain top… He doesn’t announce His coming with timbrel and dance! He meets these men in their work place…in the midst of their every day and he speaks to them with simple words… “Follow Me.” For some that means leaving the nets behind…for others it means working with the nets in a different way. For the majority it’s reflecting on how I work… how I provide…how I plan for the future… I don’t change my place of work, I change how I approach work… (or I decide that this work isn’t working!)

So often we are working so hard that we miss that voice that calls out to us, “Follow me”… If, however, I engage that voice and ask for God’s guidance in what I do each day… my life will be so much richer.

Let us continue our days by being attentive to God’s presence “in the midst of them.” He doesn’t separate Himself from us… He enters in… He walks among… He engages us in our every day.

May we have the ears to hear!

In prayer,